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Increase your profits and provide your audience with strategies to invest in real estate and access proven methods to find, fund, and rehab profitable deals. Help your audience overcome common funding challenges and elevate their personal real estate investing journey.

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The 8 Ways Real Estate Investing Challenge

Find out if you are ready to become a real estate investor with our Challenge. The 8 Ways allows you to live the life of a real estate investor and see if real estate investing is right for you!

The Funding First Real Estate Investing Course

Learn how to start investing in real estate investing with $50 to $250K in the bank. Then move forward with confidence knowing you can fund the deal.

Talk with Mark’s Digital Clone

Ask Mark’s Digital Clone about Real Estate Investing whenever you want! Trained with content from Mark’s decades of experience, the clone is ready to help you move forward!

Creating the Funding Ready LLC

This advanced course provides the client with the information and strategies they need to secure funding in the short-term and prepare for additional funding rounds.

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