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Reduce Your Coaching Costs with a Conversational AI.

You now have access to Mark’s Digital Clone that has been trained with hours and hours of real estate investing content that Mark has developed over the past 20 years!

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The part that I’m most excited about is that we can have an actual conversation. Just click the phone Icon in the bottom right hand corner of the chat box and we can switch to conversation mode. You can ask me questions and I’ll respond just like we were having our own phone conversation.

What if You Could Clone Your Best Coach?

Use Mark’s real estate content database or your own database to train your new clone

Set Your Own Price

Direct Access Consultants will create your own version of the digital clone.

Add Your Unique Content

Use Mark’s database, use your own content, or combine the two!

Use Your Own Voice

Provide us with a couple of samples of your voice and you will have your own digital clone.

Training the Digital Clone

Every person has a unique style and brand. What set’s us apart at Direct Access Consultants is our ability to capture your tone and teaching style.

Defined Purpose

The clone will need to know why it exists. This defines how it will engage with the user and help it understand how it represents you!

Customized Bio

Your bio provides context on your life experience and will help your clone emulate your expertise.

Defined Tone

Let train your clone as to how you talk and engage with people. Maintain your style and tone as the clone talks with your client.

Customized Instructions

Limit topics that the clone will talk about and add frequency of recommendations of additional resources. Let your clone upsell!

Don’t Be Left Behind!

The future is here and methods are changing rapidly. You can save money, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

AI Technology

Clone Considerations

Clones are not yet a replacement, but can enhance the user experience as they learn new content. Clones can also provide a welcome relief to your coaches as the clone answers the basic questions that they have answered already answered a thousand times before. Use your coaches for the exciting and interesting moments in real estate investing like when the client is putting together their first offer!


With 24/7 access the clone can screen out the easy questions and emulate the style of a coach. Develop several individual clones to represent each member of your coaching team!

Live Calls

Let your clone suggest live calls for deal review, imminent offers, or closing issues. Go live when your client needs you to go live.


Your clone provides good acuracy out of the box. Then let’s take some additional time to review actual responses to client questions. We can improve future responses with additional information or specific guidance. Your clone improves over time and with consistent attentions!

Unique Data

Your clone’s distinct advantage is that is has been given your unique information and guidance. Consumers will soon learn that educational data that has been scraped from multiple sources on the internet that contains flaws, misperceptions, and bias. In the future I believe that properly curated data will be prized and will command a premium. Consumers must trust the information that is provided.

The Future

Live coaching may only be around another year or two. AI is moving at an incredible speed and will soon provide more information then even the best coach can possesses. Won’t repair cost estimates be interesting when a video property tour can be sent to multiple contractors and their AI’s will give you detailed bids and choices. Then imagine the AI identifying probable buyers for your marketing campaign. Let Direct Access Consultants help you see the future as new methods and profit opportunities are developed!

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